Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pea, broad bean and goat's cheese salad

Peas in a pod

It was rainy all day today (with a bit of thunder and lightning thrown in) so I skipped the Chilli Crab Festival in Brick Lane and stayed in for an indoor photo session instead. And, once I'd podded the peas I had to make something tasty with them so here is the result...

I have to admit to being terribly unhealthy and only really enjoying a salad if it contains bacon, cheese or chicken! This warm "salad" hits the jackpot with two out of three of my faves, plus delicious broad beans and peas which are both in season at the moment.

Pea, broad bean and goat's cheese salad

A couple of handfuls of freshly podded peas per person

A couple of handfuls of broad beans per person

1 round goat's cheese, cut into small pieces

10 cherry tomatoes, halved

100g Chorizo

1. Cook the broad beans and peas in some boiling water for a few minutes until tender.

2. Meanwhile, skin the chorizo, cut into chunks and fry in a dry pan until it's nicely golden brown on the outside and the vibrant red oils have been released.

3. Drain the beans and peas, and toss all the ingredients together. The cheese will start to go gorgeously gooey on contact with the hot ingredients.

4. Season to taste and serve, I just stuck to pepper because there was plenty of salt in the chorizo and cheese.


The Princess


Trig said...

That's a terrific photo, Alex. I always like to see photos that show food from an interesting and different angle to the usual.

Pea, bean, goat's cheese and chorizo is a real traditional Spanish combination. I can get some near here (usually with loads of garlic) in a tapas bar.

alexthepink said...

Thanks! It's amazing what a rainy Sunday indoors can inspire you to do...

Manuel said...

that has every chance of making it on to my schedule for tomorrow.....or I'll stay in bed all day, it;s hard to say....