Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blackberry fool


Tis the season for blackberries, and I was lucky enough to get to these beauties before the birds in my garden did! Sadly, I didn't have quite enough to feed both myself and the bf, so these foraged finds were bolstered with a punnet from Waitrose.


Blackberry fool (or any fool, for that matter) is incredibly easy - just whip up some double cream, mash the blackberries and a couple of dessertspoons of caster sugar lightly with a fork and fold through.

Blackberry fool - view from the KitchenAid

Don't forget to decorate with a couple of whole blackberries...

Blackberry fool


The Princess


Jules said...

We foraged for blackberries yesterday and they were yummy. I love the look of your blackberry fool.

alexthepink said...

Thanks Jules!

Weyn said...

Back when I was in grade school, there was this plant hanging around our yard. We were really curious as to what the fruits were, and we left them uneaten and just played around with them. A few years after, someone cut it down and then that's when I learned it was a blackberry bush. I miss it badly and I wish we had it to make blackberry fools! :(

Jeena said...

Lovely indulgent treat with fresh berries yum!

Haley said...

We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)


snippetsofthyme said...

I just wrote an article on this cute dessert. I was googling why they are called "fools" and it took me to your site. I love the first photo with the swirly background!! How do you do that with your camera. I'm still a newbie out here.