Saturday, September 22, 2007

In praise of markets

Niamh over at Eat Like a Girl has some beautiful photos of a Parisian food market on her blog, and this inspired me to visit the Central wet market here in Hong Kong.

The wet market is full of stalls selling "wet goods", i.e. fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Certainly beats Park 'n Shop anyday!

The terrible thing is that the Central market is under threat from developers - currently there are plans to bulldoze the whole area and replace it with (yet more) 30-storey skyscrapers.

It would be a tragedy if Hong Kong lost these kinds of sights, it's what makes it really unique and I would urge you to visit if you're ever in Hong Kong. You can also help to register your dismay at the development plans - add your name to the petition over at Save the Street Market.


Rock the World! said...

Hi Princess,

After seeing this blog, I must say "that's Hong Kong indeed!"
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Hope you can enjoy my blog!


SteamyKitchen said...

Are those Hairy Crabs?!?!?

I am SO SO SO craving them right now.

alexthepink said...

Hi Steamy, no they're not. I did try the hairy variety for the first time earlier this week and I know what you're saying - they're amazing!

Niamheen said...

Hi Princess,

I am glad that you enjoyed the post! Makes it worthwhile. This market looks fantastic, hope they don't level it. Hopefully, I will get to see it sometime!