Saturday, September 8, 2007

Felix at the Peninsula

The BF's parents are in town this weekend so last night we took them for dinner at Felix, somewhere I have been wanting to revisit since I first started this blog. It is the perfect place for taking out-of-towners, with good quality (if slightly unadventurous) food, a fantastic view of the harbour, a very pleasant ambience and unobtrusive staff.

After a somewhat underwhelming harbour light show, viewed from the heaving circular bar upstairs, we headed down to our table. The bread selection was one of the better ones I have had in Hong Kong, with the sun dried tomato and seaweed flatbread going down a treat.

To start I had a roasted porcini risotto which was just the right creamy consistency, robust and full of flavour. The BF tucked into some foie gras whilst his parents had the risotto and a foamy lobster bisque.

I then moved on to a tasty main course of pancetta-wrapped lamb with fingerlings (my over-active imagination conjured up all kinds of oddities when I spotted these on the menu but it turned out just to be a variety of potatoes!). The others ate between them some buttermilk poached chicken, scottish salmon and roasted duck. No new boundaries being broken here, but the food was excellent quality and everyone was happy.

For dessert I decided on the Felix apple tart, which was served on a warmed slab of marble and came topped with tangy lemongrass and honey ice cream and some sculpted spun sugar. The BF and his mum took the fruity cheescake and his dad the "Tropical Island". The presentation of all the desserts was beautiful and I think this is where Felix really excels.

All in all a great night out. Don't come here if you're looking for the cutting edge, but if it's good quality food, panoramic views of Hong Kong island and fantastic people watching you want then this is definitely the place to come.