Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday lunch at Toscana

Linguine with Lobster & Eggplant

Ocean Trout on Green Vegetable, Parsley Sauce, Chanterelle Mushroom

We finally did Toscana was absolutely divine and very refined. The BF has been here several times with clients on the expense budget recently, but I've never been as I have frequently been pointing out! The only way to stop me from sulking was to treat me to sample the cuisine, however as expenses don't stretch to smoothing over domestic incidents we decided to opt for the Saturday lunch at HK$280 a head.

I've actually never been to the Ritz back in London. Well I tried once but as I was wearing jeans and slightly worse for wear I was ever-so-politely turned away, making the whole Ritz experience was completely new to me. It didn't disappoint however, we were seated in a gorgeous if chintzy ballroom, complete with chandeliers and ladies lunching. The only thing that was really missing was a harbour view, but as it was a smoggy day I guess it didn't matter!

We started with the antipasti buffet and both made a beeline for the delicious salmon on the BF's recommendation. We then proceeded to try absolutely everything on the table. This is what Italian food is all about for me - mouthwatering salamis, sun-dried tomatoes, plump olives, salads, it was all absolutely beautiful. As was the bread, I must add.

We were then offered a bewildering choice of mains. The BF went for the Ocean Trout on Green Vegetable, Parsley Sauce, Chanterelle Mushroom and I had the fabulously rich Linguine with Lobster and Eggplant. It didn't look like much but the subtle flavours more than made up for it.

Mains digested and we were off to the dessert buffet. I sampled a tiny chocolatey fresh fruit tart, raspberries with cream and a blackberry pudding with beautifully speckled vanilla custard.
All in all a very satisying experience for less than the cost of a starter on the a-la-carte menu.