Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hutong (TST, Hong Kong) review

Soft shell crabs with Szechuan peppers

Our time in Hong Kong is drawing to a close, and for the grand finale what better place to dine than Hutong? The decor is dark and sultry, the view is spectacular and the food is contemporary Northern Chinese cuisine at its absolute best. This is my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong, and quite possibly in the world...so far!

Soft shell crabs with Szechuan peppers

We chose our three favourite dishes from previous visits - first the Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Szechuan Red Peppers. The presentation is beautiful and the crispy crabs that you fish out from the pile of peppers are deliciously meaty, but be warned - this dish is very, very spicy!

Hutong style deboned lamb ribs

Next up was the Crispy De-boned Lamb Ribs in Hutong Style. The BF and I both absolutely love these. The ribs are de-boned, the flesh marinated in spices and slow-cooked until it melts in the mouth, the skin fried to crispy bliss, and then the whole dish is re-assembled and served up on a wooden platter with dipping sauce and lashings of garlic. You just can't get better than this - if you go to Hutong you just HAVE to eat the lamb!

And finally...

Asparagus with salted fish

...the Steamed Asparagus with Salty Fish. The salty fish aspect divided us - the BF hated it and I loved it (more for me!), however we both agreed that the asparagus was super-duper. It was tender without a hint of woodiness, but yet with just the right amount of crisp bite.

If you are in Hong Kong and you only go to one restaurant, make it Hutong!

Hutong, 28/F 1 Peking, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
+852 3428 8342


Erich Schlaikjer said...

Ate here partly as a result of this blog. Great decor (you know it is trendy when you cannot figure out how to use the sinks), fantastic view of skyline and green laser show. Liked the crab. Thought the lamb had great texture and presentation but bland taste. The shrimp in sour tangerine sauce was gloppy. The potato and squash dish was stodgy. Overall food was good but not great imho. Still, glad I went, thanks.

alexthepink said...

Glad you enjoyed the crab - it's quite spectacular. I didn't ever try the potato and squash (although it sounds like I didn't miss much!).

Dave said...

The night we had in Hutong ranks as one of the best nights ever in Hong Kong.
We had Harbour View seats for our meal. Great food. Followed by cocktails upstairs in Aqua. Awesome.